Shiatsu Society of Japan Submission Guidelines

I. Editorial policy

  1. Manuscripts submitted to this publication must be original papers on shiatsu or a shiatsu related field, previously unpublished and not scheduled for publication in any other journal.
  2. Manuscripts submitted will classified based on the following criteria:
    (1) Original article: Research and reports showing originality and a clear conclusion;
    (2) Brief report: Research and reports of topical interest that require timely publication;
    (3) Case report: Report on a significant clinical case rich in implications for members and readers;
    (4) Other: review article, investigative report, essay, member contributions, etc.

II. Submission procedure

  1. Manuscripts should be submitted in Japanese, printed on A4 paper in horizontal writing using a word processor. Each page must be numbered.
  2. Other than specialized terminology, all writing must employ standard kanji and modern kana usage. All specialized Eastern medical terms not in common use must include furigana.
  3. The manuscript must basically be arranged to include. I. Introduction; II. Methods; III. Results; IV. Discussion; V. Conclusions; VI. References; Figures.
  4. The cover page must include the following items:
    (1) title;
    (2) author’s name;
    (3) affiliated organization;
    (4) number of manuscript pages;
    (5) number of figures;
    (6) contact information.
  5. The manuscript must be no longer than five printed pages (24 sheets or less of 400-character manuscript paper). For purpose of calculation, title, author name, and affiliated organization; 400 characters of main text; or ore one figure 7.7 cm wide by 9.5 cm tall count as one page.
  6. Figures or photos may be either 7.7 or 16 cm wide by up to 24 cm tall. Sizing of figures and photos must take print format into consideration.
  7. Figures must be print-ready and submitted separately from the written portion of the manuscript, with the insertion point for the figure indicated in the right margin of the manuscript.
  8. References should include only those documents cited in the manuscript and must be numbered with the reference number listed in the manuscript to the right of the location where the citation occurs.
    For a magazine: Ref.#) author name: title, publication name, edition (number); pages, year of publication (Western calendar)
    For a book: Ref.#) author name: title, pages, publisher, location of publication, year of publication
  9. Arabic numerals must be employed, with units of measurement in m, cm, mm, kg, g, mg.
  10. An electronic file saved in Text format must be submitted along with the manuscript. If possible, figures should be submitted along with the manuscript as electronic files saved in JPEG, PNG, or TIFF format.
  11. Electronic files must be saved on CR-R, DVD-R, or USB memory.
  12. In principle, corrections by the author will only be permitted on the first proof; rearrangement of sentences or corrections to figures is not allowed.
  13. Manuscript publication is free of charge within the guidelines, but submissions that exceed the guidelines will be charged at cost. Those wishing to publish in color will be charged at cost.

III. Copyright

  1. The Shiatsu Society of Japan retains all rights for permission to print, publish, or cite and reproduce figures. The Shiatsu Society of Japan also retains the right to consent and charge a fee for databasing, secondary use, reprinting, or reproduction using a copy machine or other device.
  2. The manuscript will be published only after the author has signed and sealed a Declaration and Assignment of Authorship Consent Form pledging that the manuscript submitted has not been submitted elsewhere and that copyright will be assigned to the Shiatsu Society of Japan.