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People practice many different forms of meditation, most of which don’t require specialized equipment or space. Over time, high blood pressure makes the heart work harder to pump blood, which can lead to poor heart function. Becoming skilled in meditation may help you control or redirect the racing or runaway thoughts that often lead to insomnia. One study in 100 adults randomly assigned to a program that included loving-kindness meditation found that these benefits were dose-dependent. Metta, a type of meditation also known as loving-kindness meditation, begins with developing kind thoughts and feelings toward yourself. The improved focus you can gain through regular meditation may boost your memory and mental clarity.

Groups that peer pressure commonly affects

how to deal with peer pressure

That way, you’re fulfilling both of your needs in a mutually beneficial way. Dealing with peer pressure can be difficult, but below are some ways to help address it. Peer pressure has the potential to be either positive or negative in impact. Some kids give in to peer pressure because they want to be liked or they think it helps them fit in. Some worry that other kids might tease them if they don’t go along with the group.

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  • It can likewise help control stress and improve coping in those caring for family members with dementia (28, 29).
  • This produces many of the harmful effects of stress, such as the release of inflammatory chemicals called cytokines.
  • Focus your attention on following your personal goals instead of the goals of the group.
  • Even if you work hard to fight it, you may find yourself giving in to pressure from friends or classmates.
  • Believe that you are worthy of living a life that is true to yourself.
  • Or, if you’re going out with a guy, avoid being alone with him… anywhere he might pressure you to get more physical than you want to be.

If a popular friend wants to save money to buy a car, for example, he or she may be influenced by others to look for a job and open a savings account. When you ask for an alternative that shows you are still interested in spending time with them but on terms that feel right for you. Always remember that you are in control of your own actions and decisions. Don’t let the pressure from others steer you away from being true to yourself and what you believe is right.

What to know about peer pressure and drugs

Some people are more affected by peer pressure than others, just as some people are more likely to experience addiction than others. While some people may experiment with alcohol or drugs once or twice and decide it’s not for them, others who begin using a substance may find it difficult to quit. In some how to deal with peer pressure cases, people may continue using the substance as part of social activity, such as drinking at parties or smoking because everyone else is taking a smoke break. Seeing peers use substances regularly can also give the impression that the substances are safe to use or won’t have any negative effects.

how to deal with peer pressure

Effects of Peer Pressure

Aside from these, there are many more ways in which peer pressure can be positive. It can influence one to quit undesirable behaviours such as smoking or gambling. Other examples include eating more healthily and exercising, being more punctual, exploring positive hobbies, finding ways to support others, and so on. To identify instances of negative peer pressure in our lives, and avoid the detrimental effects, it may help to know what it feels or looks like for those experiencing it. Bear in mind that some of them may be more difficult to notice than others.