Why Shiatsu is effective for Cerebral palsy

Written by Toshifumi Hirashima,
Translated by Chiharu Sato, Edited by Samantha Orr Levrat,

This is not unconditional, but Shiatsu therapy is very effective in treating the variety of disorders faced by a child suffering from Cerebral Palsy. For instance, it is effective in relieving the excessive muscle tension which is a particular symptom of a child suffering from Cerebral Palsy. Most of the children suffering these symptoms are not hypersensitive, but under pressure from this excessive muscular tension. It is hard for a healthy person to imagine the difficulties faced by a child suffering from this disorder. Among the difficulties faced is a feeling of helplessness, due to the fact that they cannot move. For a healthy person, reading a book in a park is an enjoyable pastime, but for a sufferer of Cerebral Palsy, this simple action is made impossible due to the fact that it feels as though they have casts on their arms and legs. If the patient’s condition includes a speech impediment, it makes the aforementioned condition even more difficult because it feels as though they have cotton in their mouth and are wearing a mask. These feelings are some of the contributing factors that lead to excess muscular tension in a patient suffering cerebral palsy. Shiatsu treatment quickly affects the nerves to make you mentally and physically relax. One of the principles of Shiatsu treatment is not to create any tension or pain. If we do not abide this principle, not only it is ineffective, but also can be dangerous. The moment when the body receives pressure, the body unconsciously reacts defensively. Moreover if the pressure is unsuitable, the body will exhibit a stronger defensive reaction. “No pain, no gain” is not a treatment. This is not a test of wills whether the Shiatsu practitioner’s thumb wins or not.

Diagnoses and Therapy Combined - Shiatsu Spirit.

We call the spirit of Shiatsu treatment “Diagnose and treat immediately” This means we do not separate the diagnosis from treatment, but we diagnose from each pressure point and treat at the same time. From the moment we apply pressure, we are able to pick up the body’s reaction and tension levels, and based on these findings, we are able to skillfully and correctly apply the correct technique. When the correct technique is applied, we reduce the defensive reaction and are able to manipulate the muscle to a tensionless state. We call this technique “tension unluckier” During treatment, Shiatsu practitioners will continuously assess the condition and reaction of the patient’s body, and modify treatment based upon these findings. If we unlock the defensive nature of muscle tissue, we can press further into the abdominal region as you can see in the picture, and we can get a smile from the patients. Truly, this is the advanced Shiatsu treatment technology at work. The ultimate technique of Shiatsu treatment is to release the unease and fear felt by the patient toward the Shiatsu practitioner, as when this apprehension is overcome, the patient’s muscle tissue relaxes to an almost unconscious level of relaxation. Shiatsu’s ultimate expression is the very dramatic result, achieve by the use of this very technique. To tell you the truth, it is meaningless to talk about Shiatsu treatment without understanding or acquiring this skill.

All mothers must be witch for their Children, all mothers have magic hands.

You need a driver’s license to drive a car. Once you get a license, you can gain experience by driving public road afterwards, but just as the race car driver cannot improve his skills on a public road, a Shiatsu practitioner can not learn his skill from anyone but a professional Shiatsu master. In the same way as race car driver, you need to understand the methods of treatment and also you require special training from a certified Shiatsu master. We guide a method of the Shiatsu treatment to mothers. Do not hesitate to learn because it is very advanced skill even for the professional. Mother’s hands are magic hands.

Children never refuse their mother.

Even for an expert in Shiatsu treatment, it is difficult to give a treatment to a new baby. Everyone feels unease and fear toward strangers. Once you understand the purpose of treatment, it will lessen the feeling, but it is hard for a baby to understand it. No one but their mother can easily release the baby’s mental defense.

Mother’s powers of observation are the Best.

Shiatsu practitioners observe the reaction of the muscle with their finger tips and adjust the pressure and power accordingly. This is vital because there is not much information to gain from the patient’s facial expression. It is far more accurate to receive this information by touch, than it is to ask the patient about the reaction of unconscious tension in muscle tissue. In cases of children with cerebral palsy, we have learned from experience that things are slightly different. The difference between a healthy adult and a child suffering from cerebral palsy are that the child exhibits unusual excessive muscle tension, and another noticeable difference between a healthy adult and a child is that we can see the reaction immediately on the child’s face. However only a mother can truly read this change of expression accurately, so we ask a mother to stay with a child and confirm the expression change by muscle defense.

Shiatsu treatment for your child.

Shiatsu treatment is an original hands-on skill. To master the skill, you have to repeat the steps accurately one by one from the beginning. To receive a dramatic result of Shiatsu treatment, you need to master this skill of unlocking the excess defensive muscle tissue and release the unease and fear of the patient, and make the patient feel totally relaxed mentally and physically. Even for a master who has government certification, acquiring the Shiatsu treatment skill is not very easy, but the effectiveness of Shiatsu from ones mother is an amazing fact. As it happens, a child always reacts without any muscular defenses from their mothers’ touch, as the level of trust causes the muscles to be very relaxed. When the correct technique is applied, the patient should not feel any pain during the entire treatment. As a result of minimizing the patient’s discomfort, the overall effectiveness of the treatment is improved. Being the patient’s mother, you can achieve great result with very little guidance and only a few words of advice.